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A 6-Part Series:

Making high performanceĀ coaching affordable for everyone.


My goal with this video series is to take a deep dive into your psychology - mind - body and spirit, to give you a well rounded look at your life and your role in it! Once you are able to step back and observe your life as a conscious observer, you can start to see the programs and patterns that are driving you. I can guarantee you that it's not what you think it is! It's from this point of observation and understanding that you can start to make conscious choices and rewrite those limiting beliefs and programs and rewire your brain to achieve a higher state of being and empowerment!Ā 
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A little bit about me:

I've been coaching and consulting for over 3 decades. From high end CEOs and Olympic Athletes to every day people wanting to take charge of their lives. Honing your body - mind - spirit connection and tuning onto your natural innate abilities will help you take charge of your life as opposed to life controlling you! 
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1 on 1 Virtual Coaching and Training

Let's meet personally, so we can work together to uncover your own pot of gold. Once you start to understand your own unique design and how you were programmed as a child, you can start to rewire yourself and rewrite your own program for personal success! 

Group Speaking & Corporate Training

I love working with groups and business teams to help them better understand themselves. Once you and your employees understand yourself and how to innately and energetically connect with others, this naturally helps you better relate to and serve others.   
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Your last live video series was incredible!
I struggled with anxiety and was prescribed heavy medication from my doctor.
With the help of your last video series and breathing videos I no longer take meds for anxiety. What a life changing experience! Thanks, I can't wait to see your new series!
Thank You!

Phoenix, AZ

I want to express gratitude for Jason Latas and his body of work. We've been going to traditional therapy for 13 yrs, over a past trauma. In the first video in Jason's "JOURNEY TO YOU" series, he had a wonderful illustration of how the center of the brain functions after trauma, so instead of hearing about Trauma Brain, he showed us how it works. (That explained so much!)Ā  I have to say I wish that was the 1st conversation we had in therapy. It would have saved years of upset & drama because we didn't understand why we were responding the way we were. Thank You Jason for making a difference in this world.Ā  If you've experienced any trauma at all (most of us have) I highly recommend you connect with Jason; I know he can help you too!
Cathi H
Herriman, Utah
"To even begin to capture the adventures we have been on together, the personal growth from each adventure, the spiritualness of being immersed in nature, and the friendship we have developed would take tens of pages to describe. Needless to say it has been a spiritual bath for my soul and opened a whole new world for me.
I feel like I’ve been dipped in the vat of life!!!
Tim M
Patent Attorney
Maui Hawaii
Hi Jason,
 I must say. Things are going wonderful! I really believe that meeting with you has really helped me. I know it might sound strange but since I met with you, and just spending that hour talking out loud about what I wanted to achieve, I have been able to put your suggestions in motion. I feel stronger and surer of what I am capable of. I guess, like you would say, "There are no accidents".
I really want to thank you. You have some powerfully positive energy that surrounds you. Thank you for sharing! I truly needed it and I look forward to our next meeting!
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This video will radically change the way you communicate with others! 

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