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Structured water; What is it and how to make it at home!

Jun 21, 2024

H20 - H302, why do I talk so much about structured water?

I've been involved with several structured water projects since 2010 and I learned a lot about what I thought was just H2O.

Structured water, also known as hexagonal water, refers to water molecules that form a hexagonal cluster. It is believed that structured water is very similar, if not the same, as pure, untouched, and uncontaminated water found in glacier melts and natural springs. Structured water has a chemical formula of H3O2, which means it has three hydrogen molecules combined with two oxygen molecules—different from the normal H2O formula. Structured water is thicker, denser, and more viscous than normal water and can store and release energy. The molecules of structured water are believed to have a higher vibrational charge, which is more beneficial for the human body and results in increased hydration.

Structured water is water in its purest form. The purest water, starts as rain and flows down rivers through nature and uses sunlight, and the earth’s electromagnetic field to energize and structure water into hexagonal structures of H3O2

Photosynthesis uses the light Energy of the sun to structure water and purify it before converting it to chemical energy inside of plant life.

Our bodies also use solar energy to structure the water in our body to create chemical and biological energy. This form of structured water is important to all multicellular life.

This is why I often mention that these solar, electromagnetic frequencies can be beneficial to us, although the man-made electromagnetic energies are not. The natural fluctuating EMF energy from nature is congruent with our cellular structure and natural flow, the unnatural, non-fluctuating, man-made energies are not congruent with the flow of our naturally fluctuating cellular structure.

If you’re familiar with homeopathy, or you’ve seen the work of Jacques Benveniste, Nobel prize winner Luc Mentognier on the programmable memory of water,… Gerold Polack’s book the 4 phases of water or my friend Masaru Emoto’s work on the effects of thought and human consciousness on water molecules and crystals who sadly died in 2014, you can start to see that it is very important to clear your water before you consume it.. .

So, you can imagine, this pure beautiful water from nature, diverted to a treatment plant, where it is injected with chlorine and fluoride before being diverted through unnatural pipes to storage tanks and dispersed throughout the city. The city being full of electrical and EMF disturbances, sewers full of garbage, pesticide runoff and pharmaceutical sewage, you can only imagine the memory that this water is holding before it reaches your tap.

This is one of many reasons, it is so important to not only filter your water but also restructure it to not only erase the memory, but add more oxygen and bring it back to its purest form; structured water.

Your body uses its own biological energy to structure the water in your body. Although, if we can structure the water before we consume it, It returns the water to its purest form, and we don't have to be concerned about digesting the memory of all of these extra chemicals, viruses and disturbances that it has passed through, before getting to us… Structured water is much more beneficial for our cellular structure and hydration, as it is much easier and more natural for our cells to absorb

There are several ways to structure water at home. Sunlight, infrared light, magnetism, crystals and my favorite, vortexing. Vortexing, not only magnetizes your water but it restructures it back to its natural state and re oxygenates it. I like to do a little of all of the above to get the purest, cleanest and highest vibration water possible. 

I start with filtered water then I add it to a glass jar with crystals and a small pinch of sea salt of minerals and set it in direct sunlight, preferably on the earth, around plants, so it can also absorb the energy of the earth and the plant life. I then let it set for several hours. Once it has been energized and restructured by the sunlight. I add it to my beautiful vortex bottle, designed by my friends in Sedona.

The vortexing feature, similar to water flowing down a river, over rocks and natural vortices, re-energizes it, re-oxygenates it and erases the memory, revitalizing it back to its natural state. and you can even taste the difference!  VORTEXER 

I have a live recording in our community (Quantum Body) that talks more about structured water, how to make it at home and answer your questions. As always, I love you guys so much and I want to see you thrive! Please reach out with questions and let me know how I can help you live your best life!

Link to Vortexer




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